Friday, 6 November 2009

Football Manager owns my life

Last week Football Manager 2010 came out. Anyone who knows me knows Football Manager owns me, not the other way round. But being a disciplined and committed post-graduate trainee journalist, I will not buy this and invest days of my life until the start of February.

My finest FM moment?

While notable mentions must be furthering the Ajax wonderteam in 97/98 and turning Schalke 04 and latterly Spurs (to who I prefixed all my players with emotive and descriptive titles [eg. The Magnificent Jonathan Scott; The Solid and dependable Karl Webb]) into world-beaters on FM 05. Also on 05 I left spurs at around 2020 to take over struggling Cardiff, guiding them to bottom of the Premier League at December with 2 points.

It was a source of incredible pride that I kept them up, mostly thanks to a striker I neglected and belittled at spurs...

But i think my best game has been on FM 09, where 9 months of hopeless unemployment equipped me to do very little else. Spurs again were my team, but after winning them everything, I got bored after about 10 years, and went on managerial hiatus: resigning and putting myself on manager holiday overnight. I woke up in 2027 and was immediately appointed manager of struggling Valencia, and thanks to countless hours scouring Peruvian U21 teams, have become an international tour de force.

On this 09 game, I have just hit the 20 day mark. A fantastic game.

I get married next July. Can FM and the wife exist in harmony?

And, what's your (or your boyfriend's?) finest FM moment?